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Keeping in view the pleasure of family recreation in the water, in 2000 the Hajdúszoboszló Medicinal Spa Co. constructed the first slide paradise in Hungary at its spa.

Elephant Slides slide

The necessary elements were ordered from Spain. The application funding received from the European Union's PHARE Regional Experimental Programme and the interest funding of the Ministry for Economics provided great assistance for the new touristic product.The Aquapark could receive visitors already from June, and it enjoyed enormous popularity among the circles of both domestic and foreign visitors alike.

Because it is "super good" - was the reaction of everyone, as if this had been agreed on before hand, by the youths and old peter pans insatiable with extraordinary experiences, when the writer conducted spontaneous public opinion poll. Starting from the 12 metres high starting tower, the lovers of great splashing can choose from nine different tracks. Here there are, a four track giant, two kinds of kamikaze, giant spiral slide, "black hole" and "mad river". In these latter, "we may only travel" with extra life belts.

Aquapark slides elephant

The tiny children can be dazzled by the babbling spouts of the seaside world, the life like elephants in the pool, the two children's slides, together with the wooden playground!

The slide park can be found in the one hectare territory in the rear section of the spa, and those enjoying this can obtain entrance tickets for two hours or for the whole day. Cause of the small capacity of the Aquapark, in 2002 the area had been expanded duble- width. It has 3 new slides ( Niagara, big hole, twister), so the whole lenghts of the slides are more than 1 kms. If you want to relax a little, you can do it in the lazy river or in 3 new pools (for adults, children and babies). In the baby pool water castle entertains the little ones.


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